It’s well known that GIT is essential to any company that handle, in any level, some code and cloud solution as well as github, gitlab and bitbucket, mostly these days. Today I will tell you a little about the pain that is to manage repositories and their permissions, and why I ended up adopting terraform to manager my github.

As the company grows the same happens with git repositories growing exponentially and the lack of pattern spreads like a disease and of course the risk to some information leak becomes a reality. It’s hard a company start with all rules…

This post will talk about backup and disaster recovery strategy on AWS RDS been made by lambdas. First of all let’s talk about the default snapshot that comes enable on every RDS and from my sight is a really good solution with its point-in-time option that takes log backups each every 5 minutes which allow us huge coverage on failures. There’s 2 types of snapshot automated and manual, automated are taken daily and incremented all day long to delivery the point-in-time solution these snapshot are holding for 35 days max, and this isn’t configurable, the manual are made manually, through…

Photo by Kevin Ku on Unsplash

When I think about database’s documentation remember me of centralizing tools where everything about databases was born on the DBA’s hands, design, to change a column type was needed open a ticket and thing like that. In a world without migrations and CI\CD makes totally sense give that power to the right guy, huge databases with tons of objects and data sometime attend more than one system at time make us need a benevolent dictator.

In this new micros service's world, CI\CD and migrations all the decision power of design was handled to the application, databases each time got smaller…

Krisnamourt da Silva C. Filho

Musician, DBA, developer, tech enthusiast and maybe devops

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